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Travel Try-outs



LBA Team Attack holds open try-outs for all travel teams in February.   Try-out schedules and registration for the 2024 Team Attack Travel Tryouts are located on the home page of the  website.  




We will host 1 or 2 teams, occasionally 3  or 4 teams, in each grade level.  The number of teams formed is  determined during the tryout season.  We form teams when we have the appropriate level of competitive talent and experienced and qualified coaches who fit the LBA philosophy.   


Players are selected by a committee of coaches who lead the tryouts.   For grades 3rd through 6th,  selection will be  locale based.  Players who demonstrate they are ready for travel level competition will be selected for  East (Ashburn based) or West (Purcellville based) teams.    For grades 7th through 11th, players are selected according to team designation.  Blue team selects first, followed by White team, followed by Grey team.   

When there are  multiple teams in each age group,  where developmentally appropriate and logistically possible, the teams will practice and work together as an academy.  If players are selected for a team within an academy, they may be given opportunities to play on a different inter-club team for leagues or tournaments. We believe this approach provides players the opportunity to build confidence and to develop and mature specific tactical or technical skills by playing on different teams with different skill levels allowing game-condition focus on skill areas needing development.  As the competition and skill level of tournaments or league increases, so will the criteria for playing on the teams that participate in them.  Selection to participate in those events will be mainly for the players that have demonstrated the commitment and ability to compete at the highest level.  Player skill, availability, development goal and tournament strength are key factors in determining the number of teams, player placement and player invitations to specific tournaments.  We will strive to take as many teams to National, Regional, State and Local Tournaments. Any and all teams, if the coach feels it is developmentally appropriate, may participate in any National, Regional or State Tournaments.

For our highest level team, Sigma, players are selected by invitation and recruitment only.   Sigma teams are only offered at the high school grade levels. 



Players selected to a team will receive notification by email from the coach.   Team selections begin after the last tryout date for the grade level.  Please continue to check primary and secondary email in-boxes for these emails.

Because players are selected in team order, the selection process can take up to two weeks, sometimes longer.   Coaches do their best to notify players as quickly as possible but patience is required.

Once all team selections are completed for a grade level, an email will be sent from our Program Manager,,  notifying players that grade level team selections are complete.   Any player not selected for a team is encouraged to participate in our training sessions, LBA Skills Academy, which are held every season.  Our Skills Academy is led by Team Attack coaches and trainers and the best way for players  to develop their technical and tactical skills sets and prepare for the next tryout season.  



Players are guaranteed to play, on average, a minimum of 20% of each league or tournament game, and 40% of each scrimmage.   This minimum playing time may be adjusted higher based on the level of the specific team in the club.  If a coach sees fit to raise this minimum, it will be communicated to the team at the beginning of a season. All playing time concerns must be addressed by the player to the coach.  Additional playing time in league games will be determined based on:  1) Commitment, 2) Fitness, 3) Attitude, 4) Effort, and 5) Contribution to outcome of the game being played. 



Coaches will discuss commitment expectations when offering players spots on a team.  Many of the LBA teams play year-round, with practices two to three times per week as well as additional training sessions, and games and tournaments on the weekends.  We support and encourage athletes to play other sports, but during the spring season, which is the in-season for travel basketball,  LBA expects full commitment from each player selected to a team.  


Practice are in Loudoun County, primarily in LCPS gyms.  Practice schedules are not  determined until LBA receives its primary allocation of gym space from Loudoun County Parks & Recreation. Often, this does not happen until a week prior to the start of the season. The number of practices and the requirement for attendance at practices and games will necessitate a very high degree of flexibility as well as dedication on the part of all team players and their parents.  If a player is selected and cannot make such a commitment, please do not accept a spot on the team. If you are accepted on the team and cannot maintain your commitments to the team, the coach may limit your playing time to reflect your level of commitment. 



In the spring, our teams play in tournaments, which will consist of Saturday and Sunday play.    Coaches will select the tournaments based upon their team designation and their team skill level.   Local teams will play in the  DMV area; regional teams will play of the DMV area with occasional overnights to large basketball venues such as Spooky Nook, Pittsburgh, Boo Williams; national teams will play on the East Coast.  Coaches will provide tentative tournament schedules upon selection to a team.   In general, tournament schedules are not available until a few days before tournament start.  

In the summer, teams play a combination of tournaments and leagues.  This will consist of weeknight and weekend play, both local and overnight.  



$150 LBA Commitment Fee, due upon selection to a team.   This fee confirms player acceptance to join the team and must be paid within 24 hours of acceptance.  Failure to pay may result in release of roster spot.  This fee covers the administrative and operational expenses of the organization, including background checks, safety certifications, insurance, AAU, PCA, and NAYS membership, etc. 

$110 Uniform Fee, due when uniform is ordered.

$450 - $950 Team Fees, due within two weeks of first practice.   To keep team fees as low as possible,  team fees are determined by the coach and vary from team to team.  The fees are dependent upon the number of players selected, the number of practices per week, the tournaments selected, and coach and trainer fees.  Coaches will provide families with an estimate of team fees when inviting players to join a team. 



Teams may fundraise to offset some of the team expenses.  As a member of a team, every player is expected to volunteer and participate in any fundraising activity. 


Financial refunds

Please be aware that financial refunds will not be given to any player, their family or associated person, partner, colleague or alike should the player choose to leave their LBA team. Your acceptance of a place on this team is an opportunity many others would like to have and all team fees are calculated on a per player basis. Therefore, you are expected to take financial responsibility for any monies owed to the team prior to your departure.  No refunds of any type will be given should you choose to break your commitment to the team. This includes corporate and/or individual donations and funds raised. Donations given to individuals are for the purpose of covering expenses while that player is on the team. If the player leaves the team, no monies paid, donated, or raised will be refunded.


If you have questions about team expectations that have not been answered here, please contact Program Manager, Joey Fuller,