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Academy Training Format

LBA offers a unique academy training style that focuses on players developing under the guidance of multiple trainers using core development curriculum.   In this academy format players are exposed to challenging situations that test the skills being taught under game-condition drills.  LBA believes this style allows for the proper progression of the technical and tactical skill development required to succeed.


Individual Skill Training Sessions

(Skills and Drills - Emphasis is on individual player development)

In the Spring Season, LBA requires every team to attend, as an Academy or an individual team, a minimum 60 minute skills through drills session per week that focuses on individual skill development (fundamentals).  This is curriculum based and template practice plans are made available with the topic/concept of the week.  During the Spring Season, each team must complete a minimum of 8 individual skills training sessions.  This session is run by an approved professional trainer, either internal or out-sourced.  Team coaches that have been approved by the Director of Coaching are also allowed to run the sessions.  The approval process would have had to have happened 3 months prior to season start.   Depending on the number of players anticipated for a session LBA strives to attain a 6 player to 1 training assistants to "assist" the trainer with the execution of drills at each session.  Historically, the training assistants have been High School players participating on LBA teams who demonstrate the ability and maturity to represent the club.  The trainer is responsible for administering the session. Instead of the trainer having to give corrections to 30+ players, experienced LBA training assistants give them (with the guidance from the trainer).  The trainer is responsible for the Points of Emphasis while the training assistants ensure the points are executed and coaching points/corrections are implemented. 

Team Training Sessions

 (Team Tactics - Emphasis is on combination play and the greater understanding of playing as unit)

LBA requires every AAU team to attend a team tactic training session weekly.  This session is focused on teaching players how to work as part of unit (greater than one).  The session is run by the team's coaches and assistant coaches.  During these sessions, the coaches will ensure the players gain an understanding of how to be an instrument in the team's countermeasure to opposing team's game tactics.

For example, players will need to understand defensive sets and principles (2-3, 1-3-1, 3-2, M2M, junk defenses, etc...)  to combat specific attacks/teams, offensive sets to counter defensive sets. 

LBA understands that each team's personnel will be different and does not prohibit focusing on areas that will ensure team success but each team must have an understanding of specific areas outlined in team tactics curriculum.